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Set and Lighting Information

PAPA is a two character play performed in two acts with an intermission. It consists of a prologue and five scenes. Running time is approximately one hour and fifty minutes (1:50). PAPA is a Broadway-style play with a complete set that we bring in. Lighting design consist of lit areas with backlight, three specials, one area fixed spot and three Gobos, which we supply. The lighting board should be able to support front of house (foh) lights, backlight, gobos and specials. The lighting plot is not complicated. Some gels are required. Show needs an adequate sound system with CD capabilities and depending upon the theatre's acoustics, from two (2) to four (4) wireless UHF lavs. In smaller theatres, seven hundred (700) seats and less, only one lav with a backup is required for the actress whose voice is always amplified due to the structure of the play. Theatre needs to supply the following personnel: A stage manager or individual capable of calling sound & light cues plus one sound and one lighting person and at least one backstage person. We need two stage personnel to help unload, set-up, breakdown and load the set after the performance(s). The traveling set is not heavy. We would prefer to arrive at the theatre one day before the show to set-up and do a light and sound check. When this is not possible, it can be done early on the day of the show.

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